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Journal Details


Journals are 7" x 9 11/16", 256 white pages with gray lines, blue and gray ribbon markers; EOS logo is debossed at bottom of front cover. MINIMUM ORDER IS 50 JOURNALS (except for Sample)

Color Options

Journals are available in 5 colors: terracotta (most popular), gray, black, navy, bright red.

Purchase Options

Journals can be purchased in any of 4 options: journal only, journal with pen loop, journal with pen loop and pen, journal with pen loop, pen, presentation box (most popular).

Your custom logo can be added for an extra charge.

Journals can be personalized for an extra charge.

Contact Us

For all questions, email info@claritybreakjournals or call 815-790-9007.  If we are unable to answer your call, please leave a message with the best time to get back to you, along with the contact phone number.

Managed by Dan Paxton, EOSI

5 Ashbury Lane, , Illinois 60010, United States

(815) 790-9007

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Pewter & Silver Items

About the Manufacturer

Since the earliest days of the Reagan administration, this vendor (SP) has provided engraved pewter and silver items for presidents and other leaders at the state and national level - to give away. The quality and uniqueness of these gifts makes them stand out. In addition to items ordered by the last five sitting presidents, SP produces items for the Secretary of State to take as gifts during foreign travel as well as for various branches of the military and the Department of Homeland Security. 

These items, with the engraved monogram of your individual clients, make lasting, memorable and highly appreciated gifts. As proposed in the book Giftology, these gifts are most appreciated and used when just the engraved initials of the recipient are on the items. With gifts of this quality and usefulness at home or in the office, the recipient always remembers who the giver is.

These items are manufactured in the USA.

Pewter & Silver

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